Nuvola Apps Project

Nuvola Apps are web apps running in Nuvola Apps Runtime1 that provides them with more native user experience and richer desktop integration features than standard web browsers can offer. Nuvola specializes in music streaming services and offers background playback, handling of media key, integration with media player applets, scrobbling, lyrics fetching, and much more.

Nuvola supports the largest amount of music streaming services.

For us, Linux is not a secondary platform but the system we love and use every day.

We provide sandboxed Flatpak packages that can be installed on every modern distribution.

The source code of Nuvola Runtime and individual Nuvola Apps are available on GitHub.

Music Streaming Services

The following web-based music streaming services2 are supported by Nuvola Apps Runtime:

Desktop Integration

Although Nuvola should work in all Linux desktop environments, we currently test only GNOME (Ubuntu, Fedora), Unity (Ubuntu), and Pantheon (elementaryOS). We hope to explore other desktops in the future.

Latest Nuvola News

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Nuvola 4.14 Released
November 11th, 2018

Nuvola 4.14 was released. It brings two new services (Tidal and MentorFM), a few user-visible changes, upgrades the library stack (Chromium and GNOME Platform) and continues the quest to improve the quality of the entire codebase. Continue reading this article.

Nuvola 4.13 Released
October 14th, 2018

Nuvola 4.13 was released. This announcement summarizes user-visible changes, which have been already announced separately, as well as important news for script maintainers and third-party packagers. Continue reading this article.

Nuvola Integrates Repeat & Shuffle Status, Adjusts to New Deezer Design, And More
September 24th, 2018

The latest flatpak builds of Nuvola Apps integrate shuffle/repeat states, fix compatibility with the new Deezer design, and introduce Flash plugin updater for Amazon Cloud Player. In addition, the free tier bar was removed from the main window, the purchase flow was simplified, and the pricing has changed offering lifetime licenses as a one-time payment. Continue reading this article.

Nuvola Comes With Start-Up Tips, New Documentation, and More
August 24th, 2018

The latest flatpak builds of Nuvola Apps show useful tips during the start-up, add help buttons to individual features for faster access to new documentation written from scratch, and allow you to start writing a bug report with just two clicks. We added new issue templates on Github to make easier to report bugs, suggest features or just ask questions. Continue reading this article.

Nuvola Apps Runtime Fixes Issue with Spotify & Widevine Plugin, Tweaks Dark Theme Option and Scrollbars
August 8th, 2018

The latest flatpak builds of Nuvola Apps fix the incompatibility of a new Widevine plugin (needed by Spotify), enable a dark theme preference for nine web apps that use a rather dark user interface, and improve the appearance of Chromium scrollbars (both light and dark variants are available). Individual Nuvola apps now check whether the installed Nuvola Apps Service does have the same version to prevent compatibility issues. Continue reading this article.

  1. Nuvola Apps Runtime used to be called Nuvola Player in the past. While Nuvola still focuses on music streaming services, we also explore the possibility to integrate web apps of all kinds. Google Calendar script is our very first experiment in this area. 

  2. The streaming services are provided by third parties (the Providers). Nuvola Apps project is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, nor supported by the Providers. The service names and logos may be trademarks or registered trademarks owned by the Providers.