Tailor-Made for Linux Desktop

For us, Linux is not a secondary platform but the system we love and use every day. The mission of the project is to provide the best integration with Linux desktops.

Selected Desktop Environments

Although Nuvola should work in all Linux desktop environments, we currently test only GNOME (Ubuntu, Fedora), Cinnamon (Linux Mint), Mate (Linux Mint), Unity (Ubuntu), and Pantheon (elementaryOS). We hope to explore other desktops in the future.

GNOME desktop environment.


GNOME is the default desktop environment of Ubuntu 17.10 and later, Fedora and many other distributions.

Cinnamon desktop environment


Cinnamon is the default desktop environment of Linux Mint Cinnamon edition, but is also available in other distributions.

Pantheon desktop environment


elementaryOS uses its own tailor-made eye-candy desktop environment called Pantheon.

Unity desktop environment


Unity is the default desktop environment of Ubuntu 17.04 and older, but it was later replaced with GNOME.

Mate desktop environment


Mate is the default desktop environment of Ubuntu Mate and Linux Mint Mate edition, but is also available in other distributions.

All Features

Nuvola offers a wide range of features. We don't believe in "one size fits all" so it's up to you to decide which features to toggle on and you can then adjust them to your liking.

Desktop Launchers

Desktop launchers belong to the core experience of Linux desktops. You click on them to launch applications, you can pin them to docks or mark them as favorite. That's why all web apps running in Nuvola Runtime provide own launcher to accomplish perfect desktop integration.

Background Playback

Background playback is an essential feature of music players. Yet, if you play music from a web browser, you must remember not to close its window because it would happily stop playing and quit! You don't need to worry about that with Nuvola because it can play in the background and builds on that feature further.

Appearance Tweaks

Nuvola tries hard to guess which user interface theme to apply, whether to prefer a dark variant, and whether it should use client-side window decorations. However, you always have the last saying about the appearance to make it fit into your desktop environment.

Network Proxy

Nuvola inherits network proxy settings from your system by default. Although it should satisfy the needs of most users, chances are that you might need to use a different proxy server for some applications, e.g., to bypass geographic restrictions. That's when independent per-application proxy settings come in handy.

Keyboard Shortcuts

While some users are mouse-people, others may instead prefer controlling desktop apps with the keyboard. If it's your case, Nuvola has you covered because you can set and tweak both in-app and global keyboard shortcuts.

Web App Settings

Maintainers of individual web apps can spice up their scripts with extra settings to tweak your user experience even further. For example, music streaming apps let you decide whether they can keep playing in the background, Amazon Music asks for your preferred national variant, and Google Play Music may alter the behavior of the thumb-up/down actions.

Audio Scrobbling

Scrobbling is the phenomenon of submitting information about recently played tracks to a public website so that you can share your exquisite music taste with friends or get music recommendation. The popular Last.fm, Libre.fm and MusicBrainz services are fully supported.

Audio Tweaks

Nuvola can integrate with PulseAudio sound server and provide you with handy tweaks. Do you wish to pause music when headphones are accidentally unplugged? And resume when you plug them in again? No problem.

Extra Dock Actions

Docks in Unity and elementaryOS support additional context menu actions that are shown when you right-click to an application icon. Nuvola can take advantage of this feature to let you control playback or provide app-specific actions such as thumb-up/down or star rating.

Lyrics Fetching

Would you like to sing with your favorite artist but you have trouble remembering the lyrics? I have the same issue! Luckily, Nuvola comes to rescue with the lyrics fetching feature.

Media Player DBus Interface

Nuvola implements Media Player Remote Interface Specification (MPRIS 2). Doesn't ring a bell? It's a must-have technology that various applets and media indicators use to control media playback over DBus.

Multimedia Keys

Have you bought a new keyboard with cool multimedia keys only to find out that your favorite web-based music streaming service ignores them? Nuvola supports them out of the box.


Nuvola can show desktop notifications when a track is changed. Some people find them annoying, others regard them as a necessity. The decision is yours, toggle them on or off as you wish.

Remote Control over Network

Nuvola can set up a local HTTP server with an Engine.io socket, which various clients can then use to control Nuvola within a local network. Nuvola ships with a simple built-in web-based client, which you can load in a web browser on your phone, for example.

Tray Icons

Do you remember small icons with menu actions usually shown at the top left or top right corner? Over the years, they become retired in some desktop environments, evolved into app indicators, or be left untouched. Nuvola supports app indicators (Unity, GNOME, elementaryOS), notifier items (KDE), and legacy Xorg icons.

Command-Line Interface

While some users may fear the scary terminal windows, others couldn't imagine living without their fancy Bash scripts. Nuvola provides them with a command-line interface to control all running apps with a single command.

Nuvola Apps Service

Nuvola Apps Service is an optional background service that provides individual Nuvola apps with globally shared resources. We recommend the installation of the service to enjoy the complete user experience as it was meant to be.

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