Keyboard Shortcuts

While some users are mouse-people, others may instead prefer controlling desktop apps with the keyboard. If it's your case, Nuvola has you covered because you can set and tweak both in-app and global keyboard shortcuts.

To change Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences, open Preferences dialog from the Menu button and click Keyboard Shortcuts option.

There are two kinds of keyboard shortcuts:

  • In-app shortcuts work when Nuvola is running as the active window in the foreground.

  • Global shortcuts work even when Nuvola is not the active window, or it is running hidden in the background. There are a few caveats though:

    • Global keyboard shortcuts must not conflict. If another app has grabbed Ctrl+P, Nuvola cannot use that for Play action, for example.
    • To minimize conflicts, Nuvola delivers bound global shortcuts only to the latest active Nuvola app. For example, if both Deezer and Spotify are running in the background and share a Ctrl+P keybinding, it will be delivered only to one of them - the one whose window was active least recently.

Nuvola Runtime Service Required

You need to install Nuvola Runtime Service to enable Global keyboard shortcuts. If the service is installed, it starts automatically when needed. More about Nuvola Runtime Service.

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