Lyrics Fetching

Would you like to sing with your favorite artist but you have trouble remembering the lyrics? I have the same issue! Luckily, Nuvola comes to rescue with the lyrics fetching feature.

Enable lyrics fetching

To enable Lyrics fetching, open Preferences dialog from the Menu button and toggle Lyrics option on.

Show lyrics

Lyrics is shown in the sidebar.

  1. Toggle Sidebar on from the Menu button.
  2. Switch to Lyrics page.

Adjust lyrics settings

To adjust Lyrics fetching settings, open Preferences dialog from the Menu button and click the gear button.

Automatically open/close lyrics sidebar depending on whether the lyrics of the current song is found.
If there is lyrics for the current song, the sidebar is opened and switched to the lyrics page of the sidebar. If there is no lyrics for the current song and the lyrics page of the sidebar is displayed, the sidebar is closed. However, if a different page is shown in the sidebar, the sidebar in not closed.

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