Nuvola 3.1.2

The milestone 3.1.2 was released on March 26, 2017 (123 commit since the 3.1.1 milestone).

New Features

  • Nuvola Player was renamed to Nuvola Apps as non-media player apps (Google Calendar) were enabled and should be fully supported in the 4.0 release.
  • Nuvola Apps are distributed as cross-distribution flatpak builds. There have been a lot of changes under the hood to support this transition.
  • The nuvolaplayer3 and nuvolaplayer3ctl commands are deprecated in favor of nuvola and nuvolactl.
  • WebApp scripts provide own desktop files so the unnecessary create/delete desktop launchers actions were removed.


  • Enhanced support of HTML5 Audio and Media Source Extension (MSE), which is currently enabled only in the BBC iPlayer script with a custom WebKitGTK+ build.
  • Album art is downloaded with WebKit's NetworkProcess to access images that are otherwise restricted. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#76
  • Preferences dialog: Components tab was renamed to Features as it is more user-friendly.

Under the Hood

  • Inter-process communication has been reworked for greater flexibility as required by the HTTP Remote Control feature.
  • Nuvola and individual apps are DBus-activatable.
  • The unique name has been changed to eu.tiliado.Nuvola and most of the resources (e.g. icons) use this name.
  • AppData/AppStream metadata have been updated.
  • The build script now honors the VAPIDIR env variable.
  • Added a script to set up Nuvola CDK environment (

Bug Fixes

News for Script Maintainers

  • Documentation has been updated and Mantainer's Guide merged into the tutorial.
  • Format requirements flag were implemented but not yet documented.
  • Web app scripts are built with Nuvola SDK.

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