Nuvola 4.15

Nuvola 4.15 was released on December 28th, 2018.

This is a concise changelog. Refer to Nuvola News Announcement for a more verbose one and to see some screenshots.

What’s New for Users

  • New streaming service: Jamendo (maintained by Jiří Janoušek).

  • Nuvola team now officially supports OpenSUSE Leap 15.0 and Tumbleweed.

  • Client-side decorations are now default. During testing Nuvola with KDE Plasma desktop environment, I noticed thick white borders around the Nuvola main window, which are quite ugly [GitHub ticket]. Client-side window decorations don’t suffer from this theming inconsistency issues and are now used by default for that reason. However, you can still change window decorations or theme in Appearance preferences.

  • NPR One release 1.2: The filter of external addresses, which are opened in the user’s default web browser, was adjusted to allow NPR One login pages inside Nuvola [GitHub ticket]. Thanks to Evan D for reporting the issue.

  • A broken detection of the presence of Nvidia GL drivers was fixed [GitHub ticket]. Thanks to Artem Hluvchynskyi for reporting this issue.

  • A memory corruption, which was silent unless special run-time memory checks of GNU C library were enabled, was fixed [GitHub ticket]. Thanks to Frederic Crozat for reporting the issue. The memory checks are now enabled during the development of Nuvola to avoid similar bugs in future [GitHub ticket].

  • The filter of external addresses was adjusted to allow Google Sign-In pages used by Jamendo.

  • Various memory leaks and invalid memory access issues were fixed in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of Nuvola & Diorite codebase. More details are provided in the Under the hood section below.

What’s New for Script Maintainers

  • Nuvola SDK commands new-projectand convert-projectnew-project, update modification time of files with zero modification time, which were typically copied from within Nuvola ADK [GitHub ticket]. They might pose problems to some software, e.g. Unison file synchronizer.

  • Nuvola SDK command check-project detects files with zero modification times. [GitHub ticket]

What’s New for Packagers

  • New release: NPR One 1.2 [Source code]: The filter of external addresses was adjusted to allow NPR One login pages. [GitHub ticket]
  • New script: Jamendo [Source code].
  • Diorite & Nuvola Runtime: New dependency: gee-0.8 >= 0.20.1.
  • Diorite & Nuvola Runtime: Build errors with Valac 0.43.x were addressed.
  • Diorite: The code style checker Valalint is run by default unless--no-vala-lint is passed.
  • Diorite & Nuvola Runtime: A few memory leaks and memory corruption issues were fixed.

Under the hood

The effort to improve documentation, unit tests and the quality of Diorite & Nuvola Runtime codebase continues. See the full release announcement for details.

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