Nuvola 4.16

Nuvola 4.16 was released on February 24th, 2019.

This is a concise changelog. Refer to Nuvola News Announcement for a more verbose one and to see some screenshots.

What’s New for Users

  • Scrobbling Reintroduced: is a free/open-source alternative to scrobbling service. which was supported by Nuvola 2 until it broke and was not included in Nuvola 3 for that reason. It was now fixed and reintroduced [GitHub ticket].

  • New Adwaita Theme: The GNOME Runtime used by Nuvola updated GTK+ to version 3.24.5, which comes with new Adwaita theme: GTK+ Development Blog — Theme changes in GTK 3, GTK+ Development Blog — Theme changes, revisited.

  • New streaming service: Ivoox (maintained by Jiří Janoušek)

  • Deezer 3.2: The play/pause action in Deezer Podcasts was fixed. [GitHub ticket]

  • Pocket Casts 1.3: Adjusted to the switch of the stable web player interface: The beta version of the new player interface, previously used only for, has become the new stable interface for [GitHub ticket]

  • Amazon Cloud Player 5.9: Widevine is used instead of the Flash plugin. This also fixes the warning “Chrome version soon not supported anymore”. [GitHub ticket 1, ticket 2]

  • Jupiter Broadcasting 1.4: Add site support. Fix volume controls for non-YouTube media.

  • Crash when opening Preferences was fixed[GitHub ticket].

  • Chromium updated to 71.0.3578.80 and then to 73.0.3683.27.
  • The quest to improve the quality of Nuvola & Diorite codebase continues.

What’s New for Script Maintainers

There are no changes that should concern script maintainers.

What’s New for Packagers

  • New script: Ivoox (source code).
  • Updated scripts: Deezer 3.2 (Source code), Pocket Casts 1.3 (Source code), Amazon Cloud Player 5.9 (Source code), Jupiter Broadcasting 1.4 (Source code).
  • Nuvola, Diorite: Vala 0.44.x is recommended as it fixes some memory leaks.
  • Diorite: Valadoc is now run with --fatal-warnings. This requires Vala 0.44.x but can be disabled with ./waf configure — no-strict.
  • Diorite: Fixed bug — Don’t pass null to VariantUtils.to_strv [GitHub ticket]
  • Diorite: Refactoring continues, test cases and documentation are improved. Asynchronous tests were fixed. Various C warnings were fixed and marked as fatal to be caught in the future. Several classes/methods were dropped or renamed, see changelog for details.

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