Nuvola 4.17

Nuvola 4.17 was released on September 28th, 2020.

This is a concise changelog. Refer to Nuvola News Announcement for a more verbose one and to see some screenshots.

What’s New for Users

  • MusicBrainz Scrobbling: The most popular scrobbling service is, which is supported by Nuvola for a long time. There is also a free/open-source alternative, which was reintroduced in Nuvola 4.16. Nuvola 4.17 adds the third service — MusicBrainz [GitHub ticket].

  • New script - Idagio: IDAGIO is a paid streaming service specializing in classical music. The company is based in Berlin, Germany.

  • New script - DI.FM: DI.FM (also known as Digitally Imported) is an Internet radio broadcaster consisting of over 90 channels dedicated exclusively to electronic music.

  • New script - Primephonic: Primephonic is a Dutch-American start-up founded by a team of classical music lovers with the ambition to create a better future for classical music by finally developing a streaming service that gets classical right.

  • Amazon Cloud Player 5.10:

  • Deezer script 3.3:

    • Fix wrong song data when Deezer is switched to Queue view [GitHub issue]
    • Disable broken volume management.
    • Fix the repeat button.
    • Fix the love button in the queue view.
  • Google Play Music script 6.3:

    • Mask as Safari to work around Google sign-in issues. [GitHub issue]
  • Jupiter Broadcasting 1.5:

    • Adjust to the Jupiter Broadcasting site redesign.
    • Add the Friday Stream.
    • Add Jupiter Extras.
    • Add Linux Headlines.
  • Sirius XM script 1.6:

    • Add Canadian variant [GitHub issue].
    • Adjust metadata parsing to recent Sirius XM changes.
  • Spotify script 3.2:

    • Update a web view screenshot.
    • Fix playback actions [GitHub issue].
    • Fix song title and artist retrieval [GitHub pull request].
    • Fix album art retrieval.
    • Fix volume management.
  • Tidal script 1.1:

    • Widevine support for Tidal [GitHub issue]
    • Adjust metadata parsing to recent Tidal changes.
  • YouTube script 2.2:

    • Mask as Safari to work around Google sign-in issues. [GitHub issue]
    • Fix parsing of track title and artist.
  • YouTube Music script 1.4:

    • Mask as Safari to work around Google sign-in issues. [GitHub issue]
    • Fix Logout action [GitHub issue].
    • Fix play/pause buttons [GitHub issue].
    • Remove broken code to skip ads. Purchasing YouTube Music Premium is a better option.
    • Skip metadata parsing when an ad is playing.
  • Installation Instructions Updated

  • Non-media-streaming apps are deprecated. Non-streaming web apps are deprecated and won’t be available in the upcoming Nuvola 5.

  • Qobuz service needs a new maintainer. The original maintainer lost interest in Qobuz. We are looking for a maintainer residing in the countries where Qobuz is available because we couldn’t overcome very strict geographic checks [GitHub issue]:

  • Other changes:

What’s New for Script Maintainers

* We now accept media streaming apps only. Other apps (e.g. Google Calendar and Google Keep) are deprecated
[[GitHub issue](].
* Circle CI jobs are robust against network failure [[GitHub issue](].
* Nuvola flatpaks were upgraded to 3.36 [[GitHub issue](].
* Nuvola flatpaks were upgraded to use Vala 0.48
[[GitHub issue](].

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