Nuvola 4.18

Nuvola 4.18 was released on October 30th, 2020.

This is a concise changelog. Refer to Nuvola News Announcement for a more verbose one and to see some screenshots.

What’s New for Users

  • New scripts: Apple Music and Gaana.

  • Qobuz script adopted by a new maintainer Romain Berger adjusted to the new design.

  • Pocket Casts script 1.4: Fix integration of play/pause buttons and volume management [GitHub Ticket].

  • Google Play Music is shutting down. The integration script in Nuvola is deprecated and will be eventually removed. [GitHub Ticket]

  • Users with Tilado account migrated to license keys. If you use a Tiliado account to activate Nuvola and haven’t received the e-mail with a license key, please get in touch. [GitHub Ticket].

  • Widevine plugin is mandatory to ensure it is available in case a streaming service needs it for better audio quality. [GitHub Ticket].

  • Nuvola now persists session cookies, which prevents Jamendo from forgetting an already logged-in user [GitHub Ticket].

Under the hood

  • Flatpak manifest refactoring. Flatpak manifests are recipes used to build Flatpak packages and are now publicly available at the tiliado/nuvola-flatpaks repository on GitHub. We also upgraded GNOME SDK to the latest version 3.38 [GitHub ticket].

  • Flatpak manifests are checked with our new flatpak-manifest-update tool each day to keep our dependencies up-to-date. [GitHub Ticket]

  • Compiler warnings are history. Nuvola now builds without compiler warnings except for a few deprecations [GitHub Ticket].

  • Reorganization of git branches. Nuvola and Diorite used to have the master branch for releases and devel branch for development, but the stable release branch is now called release-4.x and branch master is used for development. [GitHub Ticket]

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