Nuvola 4.7

Nuvola 4.7 was released on September 1st, 2017.

Note that Nuvola versioning has changed after Nuvola 3.1.3 and version 3.1.x became 4.x (3 + 1 = 4).

New Features

  • New web app: Jupiter Broadcasting by Andrew Stubbs.
  • The genuine flatpak builds offers free trial and $1/month subscription.
  • For sake of transparency, preferences dialog shows placeholders for features which were disabled by a distributor.

Bug Fixes:

News for Script Maintainers:

  • API 4.6 is required for new scripts.

Under the Hood:

  • Nuvola no longer bundles *.vapi files but depends on those of Valac 0.36.3. However, glib-2.0.vapi and webkit2gtk-web-extension-4.0.vapi must be patched to work properly (see vapi/*.patch). You may need to modify wscript if you don't use Valac 0.36. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaruntime#369
  • Valac and GLib dependencies were raised to 0.36.3 and 2.52. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaruntime#369
  • GIR XML and typelib files are generated. Introduces new dependency on g-ir-compiler.
  • There was a lot of refactoring to allow usage of Python-GObject and to support multiple web engines in future.
  • Future warning: Nuvola is likely to introduce dependency on Python 3.6.

Nuvola SDK 4.7.0

  • desktop launcher: Spaces around the equals sign were removed because they confuse kbuildsycoca5. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaruntime#365 Upstream ticket
  • Added individual version info properties - nuvolasdk.VERSION_MAJOR/MINOR/MICRO.
  • new-project: New files use the latest Nuvola SDK version.

Diorite 4.7.0

  • Diorite no longer bundles *.vapi files and depends on those of Vala 0.36.3.
  • GLib dependency has been raised to 2.52.0 to make use of Valac's GTask support.
  • Diorite GTK namespace was changed to Drtgtk.
  • GIR XML and typelib files are generated. Introduces new dependency on g-ir-compiler.

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