Nuvola 4.9

Nuvola 4.9 was released on December 17th, 2017. It is mostly a maintenance release as most of energy is invested in the Chromium port of Nuvola and the development of other features has slowed down. The current status of this ambitious effort will be described in a separate announcement.

Note that Nuvola versioning has changed after Nuvola 3.1.3 and version 3.1.x became 4.x (3 + 1 = 4).


  • URL entry widget was added: Press Ctrl+L or click the gear menu button → Load URL to display/change the current URL.
  • Updated script: Yandex Music 1.5 was adopted by Aleksey Zhidkov and enhanced with an integrated Like button. An album art fix by Alexander Konarev has been also incorporated. Issue: tiliado/nuvola-app-yandex-music#2, tiliado/nuvola-app-yandex-music#10.
  • Updated script: SiriusXM 1.4 by Jiří Janoušek. Metadata parsing adapted to recent SiriusXM changes.
  • Updated script: BBC iPlayer 1.3 by Andrew Stubbs. Fixed integration of radio shows, added integration of progress bar, volume bar and skip action.
  • Page loading indicator was added. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaruntime#229
  • If Bumblebeed is detected, Nuvola assumes that the integrated Intel graphics card is the primary and skips unnecessary checks for an NVidia flatpak driver. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaruntime#380
  • Various fixes regarding VDPAU & VA-API drivers. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaruntime#380

Under the hood

  • WebKitGTK >= 2.18.0 is required.
  • If Nuvola is told that WebKitGTK supports MSE, it checks whether it is so and aborts otherwise. Don't use --webkitgtk-supports-mse if it isn't true.
  • Fixed various memory leaks.
  • Ongoing optimizations to replace synchronous IPC calls with asynchronous variants.
  • ValaCEF project has been created to provide Nuvola with Vala bindings for Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).

Nuvola SDK 4.9.0

  • Default API version is 4.9.

Diorite 4.9.0

  • New widget: Drtgtk.Entry - an enhanced version og Gtk.Entry.
  • Fixed parsing of RPC notifications. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaruntime#385
  • New widget: Drtgtk.HeaderBarTitle - a custom title widget for Gtk.HeaderBar.
  • New utility function: System.cmdline_for_pid - Get command line of a process with given PID.
  • Better debugging: Distinguish between socket creation errors. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaruntime#378
  • New namespace: Drt.Dbus - DBus introspection and service activation.
  • New utility method: Drt.Flatpak.check_desktop_portal_available - to check whether a proper XDG Desktop Portal DBus interface is present.
  • New functionality: Functions to get, set and look up GTK+ 3 themes - see Drtgtk.DesktopShell.
  • New widget: Drtgtk.GtkThemeSelector - a selector to list and change a GTK+ theme.

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