Get Help with Nuvola Player

Whenever you encounter a problem with Nuvola Player, don't hesitate to report it. Users of the official flatpak builds of Nuvola Player installed from the Nuvola Player Repository are eligible for user support free of charge providing they submit their issue to the right place following instructions on this page.

Purchases and Licenses

If you have trouble with anything related to Nuvola purchases and license keys, contact Tiliado support:

Please do not use this e-mail address for problems described below.

Installation Issues

If you have trouble with installation of Nuvola flatpaks from Nuvola Player Repository, create a issue to request assistance.

Problems with Official Flatpak Builds

It might be helpful to look at the Nuvola Player documentation first.

Problems with Third-Party Builds

Unfortunately, Nuvola Project does not have enough neither human nor financial resources to support third-party builds free of charge. Investigation of issues of these build is often tedious and very demanding as Nuvola Project does not have these builds under control and cannot guarantee that they have been built properly and use a complete set of correct runtime dependencies.