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Install Flatpak and Friends

Flatpak is a cross-distribution framework for distribution and running of sandboxed applications. XDG Desktop Portal provides Nuvola Player with desktop integration.

All packages are preinstalled in Linux Mint Cinnamon, Mate and XFCE editions. If you have removed them, you can install them by clicking the links below and then restart your computer to add Flatpak paths alongside the system ones. Otherwise, you may see strange errors. Unfortunately, just logging out and logging in is not enough.

Click to install Flatpak with Software Manager

Click to install XDG Desktop Portal with Software Manager

Alternatively, launch a Linux terminal emulator and type the command below and press the Enter key to install these packages.

    sudo apt install flatpak xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

Add Flathub and Nuvola Player Repositories

The Flathub repository provides GNOME Platform runtime, which is used by Nuvola to share common dependencies with other Flatpak apps to reduce disk & memory usage. The Nuvola Player repository contains Nuvola Player Service and individual integration scripts.

  1. Click to install Flathub repository with GNOME Software

    This repository is preinstalled in Linux Mint Cinnamon, Mate and XFCE editions, so you need to install it only if you have removed it.

  2. Click to install Nuvola Player repository with GNOME Software

    Software Manager might show a misleading error message "The Flatpak repo you are trying to add already exists." It seems to check the presence of the repository twice: Once before installation and then again after installation, which obviously leads to the error message.

  3. Refresh Software Manager package cache: Launch Software Manager and select Refresh the list of packages from the hamburger menu.

Alternatively, launch a Linux terminal emulator and type the following commands:

    flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
    flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists nuvola
    flatpak update

Install Nuvola Player Service

Nuvola Player Service is an optional background service that provides integration scripts with global shared resources such as a global configuration storage, global keyboard shortcuts, a HTTP remote control server, and a command-line controller. While this service is optional, the installation is recommended.

In order to install Nuvola Player Service with Software Manager,

  1. Launch Software Manager.
  2. Search for Nuvola Player Service.
  3. If there are multiple results, install a package from the stable branch. Unfortunately, this information is not available in the list of packages, but you need to visit package detail and wait a bit until this information is shown.

Alternatively, launch a Linux terminal emulator an run the following command:

flatpak install nuvola eu.tiliado.Nuvola

Install integration scripts