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Install Flatpak and Friends

Flatpak is a cross-distribution framework for distribution and running of sandboxed applications. XDG Desktop Portal provides Nuvola Apps with desktop integration. All packages are available in the Ubuntu 17.10 repository. No third-party PPA is required.

Installation is a bit more complicated than in Ubuntu 17.04 because of Ubuntu bug 1723789.

  1. Launch a Linux terminal emulator.
  2. Type sudo apt install flatpak xdg-desktop-portal-gtk and press the Enter key to install these packages.

Restart your computer

It is necessary to restart your computer to add Flatpak paths alongside the system ones and to activate the Ubuntu Software Flatpak Plugin. Otherwise, you may see strange errors. Unfortunately, just logging out and logging in is not enough.

Purge Old Nuvola Installations

If you used Nuvola in the past, it is necessary to purge the old installation. Otherwise, compatibility issues may occur. Run following commands in terminal:

sudo apt-get remove nuvolaplayer*
rm -rf ~/.cache/nuvolaplayer3
rm -rf ~/.local/share/nuvolaplayer3
rm -rf ~/.config/nuvolaplayer3
rm -f ~/.local/share/applications/nuvolaplayer3*

Install Nuvola Apps Runtime

Run flatpak install --from in a terminal (without sudo) and answer y when you are asked Configure this as new remote 'gnome' [y/n] and y again when you are asked Found in remote gnome, do you want to install it? [y/n].

$ flatpak install --from
This application depends on runtimes from:
Configure this as new remote 'gnome' [y/n]: y
Installing: eu.tiliado.Nuvola/x86_64/stable
Required runtime for eu.tiliado.Nuvola/x86_64/stable (org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.22) is not installed, searching...
Found in remote gnome, do you want to install it? [y/n]: y
Installing: org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.22 from gnome

Launch Nuvola Apps

  • You should be able to find Nuvola Apps in a list of installed applications. If not, you may have forgotten to log out and log in and Unity has not find out yet that a new application has been installed.
  • Alternatively,you can launch Nuvola Apps from a terminal:
    flatpak run eu.tiliado.Nuvola

Install Individual Apps

Web App Version Maintainer
8tracks 5.2 Jiří Janoušek
Amazon Cloud Player 5.5 Andrew Stubbs
BBC iPlayer 1.3 Andrew Stubbs
Bandcamp 2.2 Jiří Janoušek
Deezer 2.7 Jiří Janoušek
Google Calendar 1.2 Jiří Janoušek
Google Play Music 6.0 Jiří Janoušek
Groove 2.0 Joel Cumberland
Jango 2.3 Stefano Bagnatica
Jupiter Broadcasting 1.1 Andrew Stubbs
KEXP Live Stream 1.2 Michael Nye
Logitech Media Server 2.2 Steffen Coenen
Mixcloud 3.2 Samuel Mansour
Plex Music 1.3 SkyghiS
Pocket Casts 1.0 Jiří Janoušek
SiriusXM 1.4 Jiří Janoušek
SoundCloud 1.3 KiXaM
Spotify 2.4 Michael Nye
TuneIn 1.3 Aurélien Jabot
Yandex Music 1.5 Aleksey Zhidkov
YouTube 1.3 Joel Cumberland
ownCloud Music 1.2 Jiří Janoušek