Since the active development of Nuvola Player project has been discontinued, sales of Nuvola license have been discontinued as well.

You can download the latest Nuvola Player 4.24 and use it with all features for free without any license. Note that the final end-of-life for Nuvola Player is scheduled to December 31, 2022.


*Upon their explicit approval, we advertise people who purchased Patron plan as our patrons on Nuvola website, in release announcements, and in Nuvola's About dialog. Current patrons are:

Andrew Azores, Christian Dannie Storgaard, José Antonio Rey, Ryan Wagner, Simon Law, Bart Libert, Chris Beeley, Bryan Wyatt, Balázs, Denton Davenport, Ben MacLeod, David Wiczer, Andrew Allen, Nathan Warkentin, Chuck Talk.

How to Cancel Plan