Free Trial Available: Download and install Nuvola and the 31-day free trial of Nuvola Premium will start automatically. No action nor registration required.


*Upon their explicit approval, we advertise people who purchased Patron plan as our patrons on Nuvola website, in release announcements, and in Nuvola's About dialog. Current patrons are:

Andrew Azores, Christian Dannie Storgaard, José Antonio Rey, Ryan Wagner, Simon Law, Bart Libert, Chris Beeley, Bryan Wyatt, Balázs, Denton Davenport, Ben MacLeod, David Wiczer, Andrew Allen, Nathan Warkentin, Chuck Talk.


How to Cancel Plan

Is it possible to get Nuvola for free?

Yes, it is. Nuvola Player is an open-source project. We make the entire source code available on GitHub for free. You can download it, study it, modify it, build Nuvola for you, or even distribute it further. There are also some third-party builds of Nuvola you can install right away. However, their quality varies and they come with no support from Nuvola Player project. If you wish to enjoy the best user experience, we recommend our official builds.

The official flatpak builds of Nuvola, our flagship product, contain free features as well as paid ones. If you wish to use the latter, you need to purchase a license. Alternatively, you can participate in the Nuvola Player project to get a free developer license.

Why are the official builds of Nuvola paid?

Firstly, the Nuvola project needs to pay for its real expenses. The domain, hosting of the Nuvola website and the Flatpak repository, a VPN service to support geographically restricted streaming services, a grammar checker to improve texts in release announcements and the documentation. Moreover, some streaming services don't have a free plan, so we need to purchase a paid plan to maintain their integration scripts and fix bugs.

Secondly, it motivates us to focus on quality and to continue working on the project further even though it may sometimes be too demanding or frustrating. Nuvola is an example of small projects (one core developer and three script maintainers) which tend to disappear when the primary developer losses interest and moves on to improve skills in different areas. If it weren't for the fantastic users who value Nuvola so much that they purchased it, Nuvola would have already been retired.

We also explored the option to make Nuvola available for free while asking for donations, but it didn't work well enough. Instead, we want to provide you with a product worth paying for.